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This 8-part video series delivers an in-depth look at the various aspects of starting up a coffee roastery, developing blends and roasting coffee, and running your business. With close to 3 hours of video, the series covers the most essential parts of the book.


The videos are presented as follows:


Video 1: Setting up your retail coffee roastery

Video 2: Coffee Roaster Purchase Protocols

Video 3: Let's Talk About Green Coffee

Video 4: Introduction To Roasting Coffee

Video 5: Quality Control & Implementation

Video 6: Single Origin v Blended Coffees

Video 7: Running Your Coffee Business

Video 8: Expansion Opportunities for your Business


David says, “The video series is an essential companion to the book. I cover the key topics in greater detail and have guest presenters as well. I’m very proud of this video series and hope that it will add a further dimension to the book which has been very well received around the world.”


The video series can be streamed from the Vimeo streaming platform and you will have unlimited streaming access for life for just US$99. You can purchase the video series directly from Vimeo using the BUY NOW link below.

The Artisan Roaster Video Series Promo Trailer
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